One Hundred & Thirty-Six Scars

Free Read One Hundred & Thirty-Six Scars - by Amo Jones Free Read One Hundred & Thirty-Six Scars - by Amo Jones - One Hundred & Thirty-Six Scars, One Hundred Thirty Six Scars SO CONSUMING SO RAW SO DARK SO INTENSE SO GRITTY SOOOOOO EPIC Kitty Kats Crazy About BooksMeadowI was four years old when I learnt what evilness the world could bring I fought through life with m

  • Title: One Hundred & Thirty-Six Scars
  • Author: Amo Jones
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 115
  • Format: Kindle

Free Read One Hundred & Thirty-Six Scars - by Amo Jones, One Hundred & Thirty-Six Scars, Amo Jones, One Hundred Thirty Six Scars SO CONSUMING SO RAW SO DARK SO INTENSE SO GRITTY SOOOOOO EPIC Kitty Kats Crazy About BooksMeadowI was four years old when I learnt what evilness the world could bring I fought through life with my scarred soul wrangled through the dark empty nights where I d pray I didn t wake up the next morning I would shut my eyes and mentally take myself to my happy placeSO

One Hundred & Thirty-Six Scars

Free Read One Hundred & Thirty-Six Scars - by Amo Jones Free Read One Hundred & Thirty-Six Scars - by Amo Jones - One Hundred & Thirty-Six Scars, One Hundred Thirty Six Scars SO CONSUMING SO RAW SO DARK SO INTENSE SO GRITTY SOOOOOO EPIC Kitty Kats Crazy About BooksMeadowI was four years old when I learnt what evilness the world could bring I fought through life with m One Hundred & Thirty-Six Scars

  • Free Read One Hundred & Thirty-Six Scars - by Amo Jones
    115Amo Jones
One Hundred & Thirty-Six Scars

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  1. Check out of my reviews at bookaddicthavenWhen I picked up this book, I was looking for a raw, gritty, and dark read Although One Hundred Thirty Six Scars did have some dark content, it was primarily in the characters pasts While that was certainly a big part of who they were, as a whole, this book wasn t as dark as I d hoped for Beast was raised by a secret organization called The Army He never knew tenderness or kindness He was trained to be an assassin from an early age and everything in his [...]

  2. 2.5 Stars This was just an ok read for me I had several complaints that I wasn t able to overlook this timeFirst of all, I felt this book was in need of editing There were mistakes in some scenes with details an example is one minute the heroine was said to have taken her bra of, then the next paragraph the hero was said to be playing with her bra while it was on her but the author had already written it was off This issue came up than a few times, as well as grammar errors.The first half of th [...]

  3. 3 DAYS send wine.I fell deeply in love with these two and their story.Coming March 17th 16 The Devil s Own MC

  4. Once again I m blown away by Ms Jones I can t wait for the next book to release Thank you Amo Jones Two broken souls brought together by fate under horrible circumstances.Beast is the President of The Devil s Own MC He lives his life being there for his brothers while trying to stay alive as his past hunts him down Beast was born into a corrupt psychotic cult called The Army They trained him early on to be a lethal killing machine They tortured and drugged him and anytime Beast would attempt to [...]

  5. This was a fine start to another series by Amo Jones.Beast and Meadow were great characters with tortured pasts and a tragic connection I admired them both for their survival skills and perseverance Side characters, such as Hella, gave the story its element of angst, which was notably lacking between the MCs I actually liked that Beast and Meadow played no games and therefore lacked drama It was refreshing, especially when compared to the shitstorm that was Hella and Melissa Now that situation w [...]

  6. Writing Story Characters Overall rating 1.3 1 Just Nope Stars This book had such potential, but it fell seriously short I wanted to DNF this one at about 30%, but I pushed through, then at 61% I was seriously struggling Am I the only one that noticed that Beast s agent name throughout the book is Agent 316 but on the cover of the book it s shows the tattooed number on his neck is 136 Not good for the cover to be wrong Just shows one of the many editing, and not paying attention to detail, mistak [...]

  7. Lots going on in this book I felt like I needed notes to keep the characters and their plot lines in check for the first 25% It felt a bit rushed, but not enough to discourage me from continuing with the second book in the series.

  8. ARC Kindly provided in exchange for an honest review.I loved this book I usually enjoy MC reads and this was so unique that it earned a special place in my heart.Be prepared though The book is raw, gritty and dark If you are uncomfortable with dark themes, then this may not be your cup of tea.This is the story of Beast Meadow They meet under hard circumstances and then later in life when Beast is the President of an MC Beast is a very raw character I simply loved him.Meadow is a woman bent but n [...]

  9. 6 PLUS Stars, NOW this is a book that deserves so much than 5 StarsIt s official, I am ADDICTED to Author Amo Jones books I have just recently done a marathon on her other series and read this one today and HOLY WOW, it s THAT FANTASTIC Beast and Meadow, OMG, I can t even begin to describe my feelings for the BOTH of them I absolutely am in total and complete, love, lust, admiration, hell EVERYTHING about them, I LOVED The heartache these two endured growing up and how they found one another an [...]

  10. Well who doesn t love a huge alpha president Beast is HOT I really enjoyed this story and all the characters were great.Meadow the h was badass after having a horrific childhood filled with abuse and was so close to ending it all when her huge white knight stepped in to save her from herself.I am still a little confused by the organisation that Beast grew up in and thought it was needing a little story at times.As it stands it was an enjoyable read and a good way to start a series.

  11. One Hundred Thirty Six ScarsAmo Jones4 starsHoly junk do NOT click this book if you have triggers from sexual abuse or violence and torture A young girl, just a baby in fact, four years old is being tortured by her father Her teacher is shocked at the drawing she presented in celebration of Fathers Day One hundred thirty six scars one hundred and thirty six times her father has assaulted her She wears each one drifting off to a different place when he comes for her Agent 316 is trying to escape [...]

  12. I was born broken, all they had to do was train me I wasn t quite sure what to expect when I started this journey The synopsis intrigued me, and the cover is amazing It was an irresistible combination that guaranteed I give it a chance, even if there weren t any badass bikers But fortunately I got to have my cake and eat it too, it was all that with the badass bikersheaven for an addict like myself.It took me a while to wrap my head around all the details involved as the groundwork was laid It s [...]

  13. This installment was by far my favorite out of all of Amo s novels I had been waiting for Meadow s story and even messaged Amo about it and so when I had gotten my grabby hands on it I had a lot of excitement and anticipation and it did not disappoint me I just LOVED the dynamic and beautiful yet dysfunctional relationship between Meadow and Beast They are broken souls and get each other in ways that no one else could ever fathom or imagine It s a beautiful thing seeing how after one fateful and [...]

  14. I was so excited to start this book, but in the end, I was just underwhelmed Firstly, I felt like I jumped into the middle of a series and didn t know most of the characters back stories which I hate Then there were just too many things that happened way too easily or that didn t make sense I was so mad at the sex scene Most would have a lot of build up and then cut to, after we made love, the next morning WHAT I demand details damnit.What I did like was that Beast saved Meadow from a horrible s [...]

  15. 41 2 Beast Stars I didn t expect this one to be tamer than her other books yet it still holds that slight grittiness to the story but not OTT however I do love the interactions between Beast and Meadow and if you have some hot bad boy bikers that connects just makes it enjoyable but if you have the crazy friends like Hella and Melissa well, I m onto them now.

  16. Holyyyyyyyyy shit gurl that was too much fuck didn t like the beginning fuckin hate that shit then BOOM Beast sexy bastard sweeps in saves the day took me on wild ride with this one loved it, was good to see Zane and the boyz in this one I know Hella is next he has to be, once again loved this book well all your books so far keep up the great work.

  17. Way too many coincidences between random characters made me drop out It s a personal book peeve Might not bother others as much.

  18. This read is dark, gritty, and freaking fabulous I love reading a hard dark romance with hot anti hero s And a story which includes hot MC members The author does an amazing job of making sure we get a glimpse of the other characters for the upcoming installment With so much hotness bouncing off the pages I am eager to continue the series No cliffhanger but you know who the next book is about which I am diving into now The characters banter is so awesome I was able to feel and understand each pe [...]

  19. Multiple Reviews Below5StarsOMG, OMG I just loved this book and I love the writing style of Amo Jones and the passion that she pours into her stories, I felt every word and it was just a fantastic emotional and heart wrenching This story starts out in the worst possible way but slowly and surely it builds into a healing journey and discovering your true soul mate and the person that heals you Beast and Meadow were awesome in this book but also the supporting cast just blew me away and I can t wa [...]

  20. Review by Melanie 4.5 stars This was my first read from Amo Jones and I really enjoyed it, I will be sure to check out her other books Now it seems this is the first book in a spin off from Amo s Sinful Souls MC series, as the SS appear in this book From what I read about them in 136 Scars though, I wasn t lost on anything, so I don t think it s essential you read them before reading this one.Beast was brought up from birth to be a soldier Not the nice, serve your country, Army type soldier, but [...]

  21. 4.5 Stars Every scar has its story This is the first book I ve read from this author, definitely will not be my last I m not a huge MC reader I m rather picky, actually But I loved this one I was hooked from the start, every free chance I got, I was devouring the pages I d label this as Romantic Suspense There s a bit of darkness, especially in the beginning, things taper down in the middle, then action and darkness to conclude the book The story is rather difficult in the beginning, the story i [...]

  22. OMG and WOW This was a fantastic book The first few chapters fill you in on both characters background and bloody hell, how they both came through what they both suffered and turned into such amazing people Amazing I know some will say It s only a book but to that i will say YES but its written with such emotion and passion that reading the pages, i truly could feel every word and emotion to the point i felt part of the actual book Meadow has a past that is devastating and heart wrenching, not g [...]

  23. We first meet Meadow when she is four years old and in class she was asked to draw a picture of her dad We meet Beast while he is trying to escape Meadow is always being made fun of at school, her father is a very bad man She knows to not plead with her father to get him to stop because he wont Beast can hear the crying and screaming coming from the apartment next to his Meadow went to New York and meets Phoebe and they become very good friends Meadow and Beast meet again in Westbeach, Californi [...]

  24. ERIN S REVIEW5 STARSThis story was raw and intense It is very compelling and has a lot going on Meadow is a woman troubled by her very emotionally and physically scarring past I cried so much for this girl woman and all that she endured and lost She has a few close friends but stays away from men All men No relationships ever Until Beast Beast is a man that has finally broken away from the h ll he was in and found family in the MC He becomes the man he was always meant to be Beast is definitely [...]

  25. 5 STARSI honestly don t know where the heck I ve been all this time that I never knew this f cking series existed til Caro sent it to me But holy crap is this book soul consuming The f cking blurb got me right away, the first page destroyed me and the whole book annihilated me I don t even know where to begin I just finished the Sinful Soul MC series and I thought it couldn t get better But once again, Amo has created another pair of perfect, alpha bikers that do wonderful things to my libido an [...]

  26. One hundred and thirty six times he had scarred me on my skin to match the ones embedded in my soul Um okay, where do I start with my love for this book Firstly, if you re reading this and haven t one clicked this baby, do it right now Grab yourself a glass of wine and get stuck in I ll wait Got it Read it Mind blown by it Okay, awesome We can chat now This book is a freaking mazing Meadow and Beast are two damaged souls who you desperately want to find each other, find their HEA Their relations [...]

  27. This was the first MC series I ve read in awhile and it was everything I didn t realize I was missing One Hundred and Thirty Six Scars is fucking amazing It s so full of emotion and passion I love Meadow and Beast Gah Beast He is so perfect totally fucked up, but also so compassionate and loving towards Meadow She is pretty badass in her own right I love it when heroines get to kick some ass and Meadow definitely came through Another great thing about this book is the awesome cast of characters [...]

  28. his is an incredibly dark love story about two broken people who ve been faced with horrible and at times even unthinkable circumstances throughout their lives finding each other and creating something beautiful from the darkness I ve been in a bit of a dark phase lately and this book was exactly what I ve been looking for I will warn however, that there are some seriously disturbing events that take place here that could act as triggers for some people I personally find it difficult to read sub [...]

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