[PDF] Wanted | by ½ Dee Tenorio [PDF] Wanted | by ½ Dee Tenorio - Wanted, Wanted Some secrets are worth dying for Undersheriff and former Marine Rick Trelane had one constant his entire life his friendship with Whitney Peterson Through thick and thin she has never faltered Never

  • Title: Wanted
  • Author: Dee Tenorio
  • ISBN: 9781943336708
  • Page: 459
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Wanted | by ½ Dee Tenorio, Wanted, Dee Tenorio, Wanted Some secrets are worth dying for Undersheriff and former Marine Rick Trelane had one constant his entire life his friendship with Whitney Peterson Through thick and thin she has never faltered Never blamed But when her former lover turns up dead Rick must look past the walls he s built to the woman he thought he knew inside and out and discover he was wrong Whitney hSome secrets are worth


[PDF] Wanted | by ½ Dee Tenorio [PDF] Wanted | by ½ Dee Tenorio - Wanted, Wanted Some secrets are worth dying for Undersheriff and former Marine Rick Trelane had one constant his entire life his friendship with Whitney Peterson Through thick and thin she has never faltered Never Wanted Wanted Jun , Wanted Wanted R h min RATING . K YOUR RATING POPULARITY , Cast crew User reviews Trivia Pro Play trailer Videos Photos Action Crime Thriller A frustrated office worker discovers that he is the son of a professional assassin, and that he shares his father s superhuman killing abilities. Wanted TV Series Wanted TV Series Wanted TV Series TV h RATING . .K YOUR RATING POPULARITY , Episode guide Cast crew User reviews Trivia Pro Action Crime Drama Two strangers are prime suspects in a murder Creators Richard Bell Rebecca Gibney Stars Rebecca Gibney Geraldine Hakewill Anthony Phelan Watch Wanted Netflix Official Site Wanted Release year Polar opposite strangers Lola and Chelsea become partners on the run when they witness a murder involving dirty cops and are framed for the crime Chelsea and Lola m While waiting at a bus stop, accountant Chelsea and cashier Lola witness a criminal exchange gone wrong and are kidnapped by one of the perpetrators . Wanted Australian TV series Wanted is an Australian drama television series which premiered on the Seven Network in Australia on February The first season consisted of six episodes It was renewed for a six episode second season, which premiered with a double episode on June . Chinese man wanted by Tokyo police for alleged military Dec , The police plan to place him on Interpol s international wanted list The man is suspected of using a fictitious Japanese company to try and buy the software in a transaction limited to Japanese Wanted or not, Tokyo Olympics to officially open Friday Jul , Wanted or not, Tokyo Olympics to officially open Friday Olympic rowing and canoe races will be held on the Sea Forest Waterway, a , meter course in a narrow channel that connects to Tokyo Bay Japan Today Classifieds Wanted Wanted Fax machine compatible with thermal paper in osaka I live in osaka Willing to meet at a station or deliver to osaka Tokyo attacker wanted to kill happy women reports Aug , Tokyo attacker wanted to kill happy women reports Duration The man alleged to have wounded people in a knife attack in Tokyo on Friday told police he became incensed when I Really Wanted To Be There Usain Bolt Regrets Not Jan , Usain Bolt wanted to be there for Tokyo Tokyo witnessed some of the finest sprinters coming on one field However, there was one athlete who was missing, and that is Usain Bolt, the legend This was the first Olympic after a long time, which did not witness Bolt s supremacy on the field. Organizers say the Tokyo Olympics cost . billion less Dec , The Tokyo Olympics cost . billion less than anticipated, local organizers said Wednesday, months after the Games ended Organizers

  • [PDF] Wanted | by ½ Dee Tenorio
    459Dee Tenorio

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  1. ARC received for reviewRomantic suspense with a hot ex military turned local law enforcement with so many emotional scars he s no good for anyone Plus his best bud girl who of course has been in love with him since they were kids Oh and a bad guy running around killing people Rick was super sweet to Whitney, and yes, he took forever to realize he loved her too If he was her best friend, she should have clued him in on what happened while he was overseas.This is apparently a second book The first [...]

  2. Second in the series, WANTED is fine as a stand alone This was a new author for me, so I wasn t sure what I was getting Romantic Suspense is touch and go for me What I find most common is a lot of sex and very little story WANTED is different the intimate moments actually add to the story.Rick is a former marine now working for the sheriff s department in his home town Whitney is his best friend and has been since they were young children Secretly, Whitney has been in love with Rick for years, b [...]

  3. I really loved this book Poor Whitney and Rick, they made me feel for them which is the mark of good writing I just wanted them to be happy together since they had both been through so much.

  4. Wanted by Dee Tenorio is the 2nd book in the Deadly Secrets series Story begins with the murder of one Brody Roberts, a murder that signals to the former Marine Rick Trelane that this is just the beginning of something deeper and darker than what it seems to be on the surface Brody s murder is of significance to Rick because of Brody s relationship with Whitney Peterson, the woman whose existence remains the reason for Rick s sanity, his best friend the only person alive who could stir him into [...]

  5. My review cross posted from Joyfully ReviewedFormer Marine Rick Trelane came back from war scarred inside and out, only to find his hometown overrun by a violent motorcycle club Although the biggest threat to his home has now been eradicated, Rick still cannot find peace The lone bright spot in his life is his friendship with Whitney Peterson That friendship is one Rick will do anything to protect even deny their growing mutual attraction to one another.Then a dead body shows up and all signs po [...]

  6. Former Marine Rick Trelane came back from war scarred inside and out, only to find his hometown overrun by a violent motorcycle club Although the biggest threat to his home has now been eradicated, Rick still cannot find peace The lone bright spot in his life is his friendship with Whitney Peterson That friendship is one Rick will do anything to protect even deny their growing mutual attraction to one another.Then a dead body shows up and all signs point to Whitney being the prime suspect It bec [...]

  7. ARC REVIEW A Deadly Secrets novel by Dee Tenorio, I believe is the second book in the series The first book Convicted, which I have also read I liked this one a bit then the first and aside from being painfully predictable it was a very good romantic suspense This is a dark romance I need to throw that out here now it deals with some pretty bad things in Whitney s past There is a nice flow to Tenorio s writing style and even paced suspense that doesn t slow down The characters have tortured pas [...]

  8. A gifted copy was provided by the publisher for my honest review This is a romantic suspense about the local law enforcement guy who has to investigate his friend girl for murder causing feelings, strong feelings between them The girl has been in head over heels in love with him for many years and feels so betrayed that he would believe that he would believe this of her Rick was in the military for years and when he got out, he came back and went to work in law enforcement in his town There was [...]

  9. Rick Terlane is the under sheriff and a former Marine In his home town where Whitney Peterson who has been with him since childhood and they have always been friends But since he has come back from the war he has had a dark side to him plus after cleaning up the town from an outlaw biker gang that landed him months in the hospital and rehab, he still feels he has let her down because one guy while he was gone got to Whitney She won t tell him what happened but one that guy turns up dead it point [...]

  10. I do so love to pick up a novel that has ex military hunk as main character who is now still in the business of the law having many of a scar now keeping his distance is what he thinks is best for everyone There is one though that still can and does get under his skin and that is Whitney She though has been taking care of herself for a while plus taking care of Alison Only she sees the good in her while everyone else has given up on her This author will take you on a suspense filled ride when a [...]

  11. An electronic copy of Wanted by Dee Tenorio was generously provided to me by freakin Maya Banks because she s just awesome like that Thank you, Miss M This is my first Tenorio s book and I pretty much enjoyed it 3.5 stars, though It s just this close to be my favorite Whitney knows and has a crush on Rick, for a long time But Rick always treated her like a kid sister Now when Whitney become suspect of a murder, Rick has to do something But the thing is, when he starts looking for clues, he reali [...]

  12. This was definitely a darker romance than I expected I am not a huge fan of the topic of rape and a lot of this book was centered around it, so it took some getting used to While I wasn t a huge fan of that part of the story, their love story was really sweet They were both very damaged people but they were perfect for each other They shut the world out but not towards each other It was nice to see the character growth in them both I wasn t surprised by the reveal of the killer but I expected th [...]

  13. I really liked it The suspense was good though I suspected who the killer was fairly quick I loved the romance and adored Whitney She s one my fave heroines list.

  14. Let me begin by saying that while this book could be read as a stand alone it is not one I found myself feeling as though I was missing something when I first started the book and after searching around I discovered that Wanted is the second book in a series There are some past issues that come up dealing with the main characters military service, his return home, and a biker gang that I wish I had known Now will you be completely lost if you don t read Convicted No, you won t but there will be [...]

  15. Heather s review from Smut Matters Rick Trelane and Whitney Peterson have been close friends their entire lives Whitney is the one thing in his life Rick can count on to be there, and to be stable she s his rock Since coming back from his last tour of duty, she s been the one constant But she s hiding something from him for the first time in their lives He knows it has something to do with her ex Brody Roberts, a former cop and current member of the Wheels of Pain, the MC Rick and his fellow cop [...]

  16. This was another quick romantic suspense from Dee Tenorio, and it takes places several years after the conclusion of Convicted Our war torn hero in this installment is Rick Trevane, who ended up with life threatening injuries in the first book Rick and Cade were part of the same unit in the Marines, and joined the Sheriff s Dept to clear the corruption from Rick s hometown Like Cade, Rick has turned off his emotions and is just existing day by day Losing his high school sweetheart, Shana, to the [...]

  17. This was a wonderful quick read that I enjoyed very much I loved the old characters from the first book but loved getting to know the new ones that had me wanting to hug them tightly.These two characters are suffering from something that happened to them but they both have not been able to overcome the ordeal Rick Terlane was a Marine and now in law enforcement but his demons have been tormenting him Then there is Whitney Peterson a woman that lived with her niece but something dramatic happened [...]

  18. DNF First, thank you to Entangled Publishing and NetGalley for providing me a copy of this title to read in exchange for an honest review This is my first novel by Dee Tenorio and I am glad I stumbled across it Which I can thank Entangled and NetGalley for While looking up something else this book popped up And, the cover caught my attention Yes, I am one of those people I literally judge a book by its cover As well as its blurb Romantic Suspense is my guilty pleasure I LOVE a good who done it m [...]

  19. If you enjoy romantic suspense or friends to lovers stories this is definitely worth checking out The hero is Rick Trelane, a former marine who is now the under sheriff His best friend from childhood has always been Whitney Peterson and it is only after her ex lover is murdered that he starts digging and discovers she has secrets that he slowly reveals The only problem with this is the he finds out the attracted to her he becomes and the she is implicated as the murderer He s caught between a [...]

  20. I adored this book and couldn t put it down I started it earlier this evening and stayed up late to finish I love suspense books that have deeper emotional issues to get caught up in I want the danger, the action, and the chemistry, but I like for the characters to seem like real people with real emotional issues This author managed to pull all of that into this story I was especially hooked by the best friend angle mentioned in the book s description Whitney and Rick had been friends for most o [...]

  21. My Review Wanted is book two in author Dee Tenorio s Deadly Secrets series and takes the reader on a great romantic suspense journey filled with emotion and suspense I really enjoyed the small town feel of this book and the two main characters, Rock and Whitney Their friendship has lasted for years and remained strong throughout Rick s career in the Marines, other relationships, family drama, and the normal trouble that comes along with meddling small town residents The one thing they both kept [...]

  22. If you enjoy a good romantic suspense packed with action, this book is for you Rick Trelane, the Undersheriff must investigate his friend, Whitney, after her ex lover turns up dead Investigating Whitney for murder, he gets glimpes of a woman he thought he knew, but there are secrets that she has been keeping and as Rick keeps digging his attraction not only grows, so do his suspicions Rick is faced with a hard decision as to let a killer go free in order to protect Whitney or does he keep diggin [...]

  23. ARC provided by Netgalley in exchange for a honest review.I loved that his book centered around a hot ex military hunk named Rick who had demons Big large ugly demons that even though he went about his life trying to help those in his home town they still haunted him The only time they left even for just a second was when he was around Whitney She was his saving grace and has been for years even if he never realized it.When a murderer comes to town, Rick quickly realizes that life is short and s [...]

  24. Could.Not.Put.It.Down That is exactly how I am starting this review There was so much going on in this book that I seriously could not put it down I was so anxious to see what was going to happen next, that I had to keep reading Ms Tenorio did a wonderful job of bringing together two people that were truly always meant to be together.Rick never knew Whitney wanted him, how much she lusted after him and wanted to be taken care of by him But once he begins to realize there is to Whit than what me [...]

  25. Rick and Whitney have a lot to overcome in Wanted Whitney is keeping some pretty big secrets to herself and Rick has some of his own that are coming out in the open Whitney does not want Rick to over know what happened to her with her ex Brody, but after his death things start coming to light Rick is investigating his death and finds information that has him struggling to contain his rage and guilt Whitney has spent her whole life trying to see the good in others and helping them out and it has [...]

  26. This was a good romantic suspense drama The relationshiop between Whitney and Rick started when they were very young and it seemed to only be friendship As the years went by their lives took different turns, both lived through horrors and neither had a committed relationship with anyone else Rick s story touched on a person in his past but we didn t get to read too much about that one It seems they were both waiting for each other but because of the horrors they both lived through, they could on [...]

  27. If you are sick of the painfully predictable romantic suspense avoid this book Since I didn t read the first book I found myself lost while reading It is a dark romance and Whitney deals with very painful past The author Dee Tenorio writing isn t bad she has a decent flow and well paced suspense With that being said the characters have a tortured pasts I am so sick of reading and want to hit the author as well as the characters for falling back on the same old story that has been told a million [...]

  28. This is a heartbreakingly sorrowful yet intensely compelling book to read There is so much torment and brokenness for both Whitney and Rick But there is a beautiful love and friendship underneath their broken layers They help and soothe the other It is quite beautiful how they depend on one another and also protect each other fiercely I felt so much for both.The storyline was a dark one faced with tough situations and lots of twists I was shocked how Dee ended the story but at the same time it w [...]

  29. This book was really good This is the second book in the series I haven t had the chance to read the first one yet But I did understand the story and the characters background with no problems Wanted was actually my first time reading a military romance novel and I will be looking for military romance in the future to read Rick is ex military turned into being in law enforcement He and Whitney were best of friends when they were kids He is investigating a murder that happened and maybe connecte [...]

  30. I thought this was an amazing story While it can easily be read stand alone, it is definitely enjoyable if you ve read Convicted, the first in the series In this book we get to know Whitney Peterson, Rick Trelane s lifelong friend Now it seems he wants her as much than a friend but she has secrets Secrets Rick can t let lie Will they be able to get past all the obstacles in their in way This was a tough one to put down once I started it Great writing, characters, and a story filled with myster [...]

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