Surreal Best Read || [R.E. Hargrave] Surreal Best Read || [R.E. Hargrave] - Surreal, Surreal Golden Flogger Award FINALIST for Best BDSM Novel of the Year via BDSM Writers Con Contains explicit sexual content including multiple partners and gender pairings and mature situations which cou

  • Title: Surreal
  • Author: R.E. Hargrave
  • ISBN: 9781505337563
  • Page: 157
  • Format: Paperback

Surreal Best Read || [R.E. Hargrave], Surreal, R.E. Hargrave, Surreal Golden Flogger Award FINALIST for Best BDSM Novel of the Year via BDSM Writers Con Contains explicit sexual content including multiple partners and gender pairings and mature situations which could be trigger inducing for some readers Catherine O Chancey is a young submissive who has found her happily ever after with a man far better than she d ever dreamed Or Golden Flogger Award


Surreal Best Read || [R.E. Hargrave] Surreal Best Read || [R.E. Hargrave] - Surreal, Surreal Golden Flogger Award FINALIST for Best BDSM Novel of the Year via BDSM Writers Con Contains explicit sexual content including multiple partners and gender pairings and mature situations which cou Surreal

  • Surreal Best Read || [R.E. Hargrave]
    157R.E. Hargrave

538 thought on “Surreal”

  1. I received this book as an ARC for my honest opinion Catherine and Jayden yes they do it again I don t want to give away too much but with said it was so worth the wait There are some surprises in the book, you wont want to put it down Romance, bdsm, yes read it Re Hargrave put her heart and soul into this book Did I say amazing

  2. Surreal was without a doubt one of best books I have ever read I love Catherine Jayden together They both grew as people and as a couple It was so heartwarming how Natalie was brought into the story how Catherine Jayden not only become heroes for her, but also took her in under their wings I was thrilled that we were finally planning their wedding I was excited and I couldn t wait There were a few surprises along the way I don t want to give anything away but WOW fact it was the kind of book you [...]

  3. What an amazing 3rd book in this series I love this series like no other Jayden is one smoking, sexy, caring Dom that loves with all he has Erin is an amazing sub that keeps surprising me as the story goes on She s strong, sensual, caring, loving and most of all submits to her Dom with all her soul This is one of those books that you want from, one that gives you so much that you keep taking it all in and just can t stop I loved this series and hope and pray there are like this one to come fro [...]

  4. I was lucky enough to beta read this book.I have been waiting for what seems like forever for surreal, for of Catherine and jayden I managed to read this is one day, and that s impressive considering the size of the book that s how much I enjoyed it.written to perfection as always from RE Hargrave Catherine and Jayden s story continues in the divine trilogy It has its love, drama and emotions This one had a considerable amount of emotional moments to the point I nearly cried keen them tissues h [...]

  5. I can still remember the first time I met Jayden and Catherine, and it thrills me to this day As a result, I allowed myself a little quiet time before starting this book, to remind myself of not just the journey the characters had already been on, but the journey I had been on as a result of reading these books You see, Ms Hargrave was the one to introduce me to BDSM and the thrills you could get from reading a book of this nature Before that very first time just about 18 months ago when I picke [...]

  6. I received a free copy of SURREAL for my honest review Let me start off by saying I waited a whole year for Surreal Every couple of days I would head over to RE s facebook page and give a little nudge, asking if she s writing, and any time she put out a snippet of Surreal I would faithfully share So I waited, and waited, and FINALLY it ended up on my kindle and I was SOOOO excited.I read Surreal SLLOOOWWWLY so I could savor it And savor it I did I LOVE Ms Hargrave s writing She brings Master Jay [...]

  7. I have to start out with saying this is one of my most favorite Indie Author series ever RE Hargrave can weave words together beautifully, but she knows how to grab you and keep you immersed, wanting and She never sacrifices true representation for entertainment sake, but she does know how to make reality completely enticing Surreal is the last book in the Divine Trilogy series, and as sad as I was to see the series end, I am so happy with the results Catherine and Jayden are an amazing couple [...]

  8. I am one of the lucky few who got to beta read this wonderful story.WOW, RE Hargrave did an amazing job capturing the love, respect and trust that couples in this lifestyle go through Catherine and Jayden grew as individuals and as a couple in this series and went through a range of emotions through out this book with all the wonderful surprises that were in this last installment of The Divine Trilogy.I m not going to give anything away because this is the perfect ending for these wonderful tril [...]

  9. Audiobook version Most BDSB series you read are just a little Slap here a little bondage there This series was much much but in the best way In the 1st book, you see a full on Master Sub relationship As the series progresses, you see the relationship evolve into one of love and submission In this 3rd book, you see Where this new relationship can take you It was a great conclusion to an awesome series Thank you The narrator was great I would have loved a little masculine Male voice in this role [...]

  10. I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.I have been a voracious reader my whole life Reading offers me the chance to escape to amazing worlds I ve read thousands of books in my lifetime and have enjoyed the adventures they have provided But sometimes a special book will come along that is just pure magic Surreal by R.E Hargrave is one such book Everything about Surreal came together in a perfect, harmo [...]

  11. I was given an ARC of R E Hargrave s Surreal in exchange for an honest review.What can I say about a series that has captivated my heart from its very first incarnation About a journey Erin and Jayden Catherine and her Master take whereby both of them learn and grow through one another To Serve is Divine, the first book in the series, gives us insight into how the pair meet, how their relationship begins and how Erin begins to confront the demons of her past We watch as she blooms as both a woma [...]

  12. The time has come for the end of this trilogy and I don t mind saying, this is one of the hardest reviews I have had to write How do you put into words the love that has grown as we watched Jayden and Erin start out as broken souls and evolve into the people they become in this book Surreal The author has proven that with the right person, love and acceptance, you can bloom into the person you were meant to be all along and soar to heights that not even you could dream possible So many times I w [...]

  13. I really don t know where to begin I feel so many things right now I think the first big emotion I feel is grief When I first read To Serve is Divine I learned about Jayden and Catherine and I fell in love with them Now the amazingly surreal journey is over and I m sad I really grew to love Catherine and Jayden and the secondary characters along the way I am going to miss them On the happy side I hear Ms Hargrave will be making some novellas with the secondary characters so not all is lost This [...]

  14. Once again I m impressed by R.E Hargrave s talent.I first encountered R.E Hargrave s work when I read her short story, Haunted Raine, in the Treasured Moments anthology I loved the story and was impressed by her ability to craft very memorable characters within a limited framework Therefore, when she offered me the chance to read an ARC of her novel, Surreal, I was eager to take advantage of the opportunity, even though I had never read a BDSM novel before.Surreal is the third part of a trilogy, [...]

  15. 4.5 StarsThis was a perfect ending to this intriguing series I have to say once again that this is not my preferred genre BDSM, D s just doesn t do anything for me But the old adage that the story will grab the reader is definitely true.This is a very strong character driven story Their development, both in this book and the first two was nothing short of astonishing But it isn t just the two of them Jayden Erin or Master Catherine Their entire story world grows and matures.This is so much than [...]

  16. In this exciting conclusion to RE Hargrave s To Serve is Divine trilogy, she doesn t disappoint Jayden and Catherine have had their ups and downs just like any other couple, but throw in the BDSM part of their relationship and you get a very interesting twist on what is to come for them Catherine is the only one to come along and tame Jayden, but the question will be, can Jayden let her own him heart, body, and soul In Surreal, we see some of the past characters and some new ones make appearance [...]

  17. I received an ARC of Surreal in exchange for an honest review.Release Date 12 15 14Wow, what can I say Surreal fulfills all the promises of the two books that came before it We delve further into Jayden and Catherine s relationship and meet some new friends while getting to know old friends better I love the way RE Hargrave brings you into the world she has created You are right there with the characters, whether as an observer or participant, you can almost feel the pleasure and the pain Throug [...]

  18. It was serendipity for me to learn about R.E Hargrove and The Divine Trilogy After discussing other books with her, I learned she was an author and she offered a copy of this trilogy for me to read and then offer her honest feedback in return I accepted but didn t have any idea the trilogy would end up being one of my favorites for 2014 The Divine Trilogy is a story that will stay with you It s extremely erotic It s thought provoking It s incredible.This is the last book in the trilogy for Jayde [...]

  19. This was a surreal experience I have read so many books that contained BDSM, this series took above and beyond anything you could have imagined The way a Dom and sub relationship is executed was divine I wouldn t really change anything, the storyline was delivered with so much intensity, both inside the play room and out.Jayden and Erin s story is coming to and end Their love knows no bounds They both want to serve the other They have grown and from that become so much than each other s lovers, [...]

  20. Reviewed for Sarah Kirsty s Book ReviewsThis is the third book in the Divine Trilogy and in order for this book to make sense you should read the first 2 To Serve Is Divine A Divine Life This book was by far my favourite of the series It had the perfect mix of BDSM sex and sweet love making I fell in love with Jayden even I know, how is that even possible and I adored Catherine in this book I again enjoyed the 2 different parts to their relationship and how they made it work They worship the gr [...]

  21. I m not going to say too much in my review, as I don t want to risk giving anything away Now, I will say that I think this is a perfect way for this series to end, if it must end It s like seeing a story come full circle as well as the characters involved I think we finally get to see just how far Catherine has really traveled Throughout the series, we ve seen her blossom but in Surreal, she becomes the Rose Parade We are always learning and growing in life and this is a great example of how eve [...]

  22. This book is perfect Catherine Erin absolutely OWN this book There s a moment the clubd I cried She was so amazing and powerful She FINALLY demolished her past This book allowed me to breathe and I was completely okay saying goodbye to these characters I wasn t worried that Catherine Erin wouldn t be ok I finally knew that she had gotten absolutely everything she ever deserved.Jayden is absolutely wonderful and adorable in this book And the happiness that is shown to be shared by the group was s [...]

  23. wow I received this book as ARC for honest review this is 3rd and final book in the series with Jayden and Erin, this series is actually surreal and melted places in my heart for life.Catherine and Jayden do it again in style So what is next for the couple with their forever lasting love.I m not going to give anything away from this amazing story because you got to read it for yourself R.E Hargrave has put her heart and soul and probably tears as well into this story, It s a magical ending to wo [...]

  24. R.E Hargrave s The Divine Trilogy is an awesome series Three full length books, with 3 being a little longer I love it I don t usually give straight 5 ratings, but I loved this one 2 is simply mesmerizing probably the best 2 I ve ever read Most of 2 takes place over the space of one day so you can imagine the amazing detail I love the charactersCatherine s backstory is heartbreaking, but she is so strong Love, Love, Love And Jaydenwowwhat a transformation throughout the books Nothing to improve [...]

  25. I was gifted this book for an honest review What an AMAZING conclusion to this BDSM series Best to read in order, To Serve is Divine book 1 , A Divine Life book2 then Surreal book 3 The talented writing style of this author will have you mesmerized by these characters You will find yourself enthralled with the journey and growth of Jayden and Catherine Erin in this SEXY story Does the bond they have created lead them to balance vanilla and kinky play Are they able to find their happily ever afte [...]

  26. I received this book as an ARC for an honest review.It s very rare that you read a book so exceptional that you truly don t want to see the end of the book come Surreal was one of those books As the Divine trilogy progressed you felt as if Catherine and Jayden were your friends In Surreal RE Hargrave brings their triumphs over hardships to life in a realistic believable plot and story that has you turning page after page quickly She is a master of her trade and it has been a pleasure to enjoy th [...]

  27. Not my usual thing at all I have now read all three of the books and come to a better understanding of what drives or compels people into different lifestyles Not my thing at all But having said that, I do have a better grasp of things There is growth here as they live and learn They are still who and what they are, but the love between them and the changes in both of them have propelled this story far further than I thought possible I also really love Mrs Hargrave s style Good job.

  28. I received an ARC of Surreal for an honest opinion of it Jayden and Catherine have endured so much to get to where they are and for that they truely love each other as not only as a couple can, but as Master and his submissive can as well They not only have loving family, but friends as well that are in the chosen Lifestyle that they live in.

  29. Surreal by R.E Hargrave was a great conclusion to the trilogy Catherine and Jayden have both found the happily ever after that they never thought they d had There are still challenges that they need to overcome in order to start their next journey I loved this book and can t wait to read by R.E Hargrave.

  30. Never has a trilogy made me feel like it has come full circle As much as I didnt want the story to end, when it did, it left me feeling complete and not lacking for anything It was hard to say goodbye to my new friends but their story will stay with me I hope this trilogy is made into a movie also I will be there with bells on for the first showing Awesome job my friend.

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