The Master of Ballantrae

[PDF] Read À The Master of Ballantrae : by Robert Louis Stevenson [PDF] Read À The Master of Ballantrae : by Robert Louis Stevenson - The Master of Ballantrae, The Master of Ballantrae Set in Scotland during the Jacobite Rebellion in the exotic French Indies and in the North American wilderness the story has as its hero one of the most compelling yet horrifying studies of ev

  • Title: The Master of Ballantrae
  • Author: Robert Louis Stevenson
  • ISBN: 9780543896728
  • Page: 233
  • Format: Kindle

[PDF] Read À The Master of Ballantrae : by Robert Louis Stevenson, The Master of Ballantrae, Robert Louis Stevenson, The Master of Ballantrae Set in Scotland during the Jacobite Rebellion in the exotic French Indies and in the North American wilderness the story has as its hero one of the most compelling yet horrifying studies of evil in nineteenth century fiction James Durie Master of Ballantrae The Master is about his infective influence on his younger less attractive brother Henry on Henry s wifeSet

The Master of Ballantrae

[PDF] Read À The Master of Ballantrae : by Robert Louis Stevenson [PDF] Read À The Master of Ballantrae : by Robert Louis Stevenson - The Master of Ballantrae, The Master of Ballantrae Set in Scotland during the Jacobite Rebellion in the exotic French Indies and in the North American wilderness the story has as its hero one of the most compelling yet horrifying studies of ev The Master of Ballantrae

  • [PDF] Read À The Master of Ballantrae : by Robert Louis Stevenson
    233Robert Louis Stevenson
The Master of Ballantrae

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  1. I approached my rereading of The Master of Ballantrae with some trepidation It was a book I adored when I was very young, and it s always a risky business revisiting bookish old flames like old flames of any kind I m pleased to report that the novel stood up to revisitation quite triumphantly I have a better knowledge of the literary context now, and I enjoyed picking up on the echoes of James Hogg s The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner use of invented documents and memoirs [...]

  2. Gosh, I love RLS He was the man Adventure, intrigue, travel, romance, gothic suspensegosh I love RLS He would have made a terrific screenwriter during cinema s golden age, all swash and buckle This ripping yarn just doesn t let you leave You may pretend you re working or gardening or conversing with others during your everyday boring life, but really, you re just thinking about the Brothers Durie Which one is really good and which one is really evil This specific edition is from 1968 perfect yea [...]

  3. Read this many many years ago but I enjoyed Master of Ballantrae so much with this second reading Robert Louis Stevenson could spin an entertaining tale.This novel has something for all readers A sweeping tale of sibling rivalry, adventure, derring do, romance, greed and mystery The story unfolds over many years and takes place in Scotland and the American wilderness.The classic tale of the brothers Durie, narrated through the eyes of their stalwart Steward Ephraim Mackellar Read this as the fr [...]

  4. La metterei cos il lancio di una moneta stabilisce le sorti.Il Male penetra il Bene, ne diviene coscienza fino a farlo impazzire P.S Basterebbe accettare d esser plurimi per rimanere savi

  5. Free download available at eBooks Adelaide.This book is being discussed by the 19th Century Literature Yahoo Group.This is the story of two brothers set during after the Jacobite Rebellion of 1745, often referred to as the Forty five , in Scotland, India America.An incident in the rebellion of 1746, by David MorierThe narrator of this book is done by Mackellar, the loyal steward to the Durie of Durisdeer family, which consists of an old lord and this two sons James, the Master of Ballantrae, and [...]

  6. Christmas came early this year A whole set of uncut Robert Louis Stevenson books RLS This is better than coffee ice cream, meat pies, and pecan rolls Shazam I have already reviewed the story itself here, so I will use this review for the actual physical book As we increasingly turn to e books in the current century, it is always a pleasure to hold a book which was made when printing presses were considered to be state of the art and most folks couldn t even afford a book, let alone a set.Those S [...]

  7. I just watched the wonderful 50s adaptation of this, starring a debonair but slightly long in the tooth Errol Flynn awesome action awesome Technicolor if the book is half as fun, I need to read it soon so fast paced and full of surprises plus a new favorite character the French pirate, an effete dandy and killer, with a badass scar on his face to provide a nice contrast to his stylish outfits so dreamy and now I m wondering if Black Sails was renewed for a second season I sure hope so.

  8. 11 SEP 2014 lovely cover Background info for the Rising of 45 en.mpedia wiki Jacobi13 SEP 2014 Jacob is Esau and Esau is Jacob Interesting play on the Biblical story 15 SEP 2014 this is definitely than a boys adventure tale Except for the difficult for me, at least written brogue, I am enjoying this novel Of course, I already do not like the Master one single bit 16 SEP 2014 today, I discovered the new depths of evil the Master is capable of reaching Argh When will Henry stand up to his brother [...]

  9. Half LifeDice la contemporanea fonte di tutti i saperi, L emivita o tempo di dimezzamento di un isotopo radioattivo definita come il tempo occorrente perch la met degli atomi di un campione puro dell isotopo decadano in un altro elemento L emivita una misura della stabilit di un isotopo pi breve l emivita, meno stabile l atomo Il decadimento di un atomo viene detto spontaneo in quanto un fenomeno che avviene naturalmente Trattasi di un evento stocastico per cui non si pu predire quando un determ [...]

  10. Come nel precedente Jekyll e Hyde, anche in questo romanzo Stevenson si cimenta, pur se in modo assai pi subdolo, con il tema del doppio Protagonisti sono i due fratelli Durrisdeer, l uno buono, morigerato ma incapace di suscitare alcuna attrazione o affezione, l altro maligno e dissoluto anche se a suo modo affascinante.Il conflitto tra i due, impegnati a rincorrersi l un l altro per tutto il romanzo, costituisce il motore dell opera e assume via via proporzioni smisurate e significati quasi bi [...]

  11. The Master of Ballantrae by Robert Louis Stevenson is a romance in the old style full of adventure and the heroic theme of the struggle between good and evil It is the story of two brothers one the favorite of his father, but somewhat a black sheep, and the other the faithful, loyal son who always does his best for the family, no matter the cost to himself The time period is that of the Jacobite Rebellion It served families at the time who could to back their bets both ways The Durie family is n [...]

  12. There are certain corners of the high brow literary establishment perhaps it s the London Review of Books where one is often reminded that R.L Stevenson has a complex reputation a bit than a writer of boys own adventure stories perhaps Jules Verne merits the same treatment and is analogous.In any event, I picked this up on whim when I stumbled into Dumbo s P.S Books, for the slightly silly reason that they didn t have anything I was really looking for but I like the people that work there and w [...]

  13. Brotherly love When Bonnie Prince Charlie arrives in Scotland in 1745 to reclaim the lost Stuart crown, the Durie family of Durrisdeer must decide where their loyalties lie If they make the wrong choice, they could lose everything, but pick the winning side and their future is secure The old Laird has two sons Jamie, the eldest, known as the Master of Ballantrae, is attractive and popular but evil, while Henry, the younger, is dull but good The family decides one son should join Charlie s rebell [...]

  14. Michele Mari, ne I demoni e la pasta sfoglia, dice che all origine di ogni creazione artistica c un ossessione che possiede lo scrittore tanto prepotentemente da trasformare lui stesso in un ossesso, esattamente come un indemoniato viene posseduto dal demonio Robert Louis Stevenson ha la sua ossessione, quella del doppio che in ciascuno di noi Volendo semplificare, il tema del romanzo l eterna lotta tra il Male e il Bene, impersonati da due fratelli nulla di pi simile, di pi unito dal sangue e d [...]

  15. 3 1 2 StarsThis often tense physiological tale about the nature of good and evil is done in a surprisingly subtle and convincing way The two opposing brothers, one good the other bad are opponents from early manhood due to the as we see it unremitting villainy of one brother towards the other The young son, while kind of heart, is not appreciated by either his family or those around him He lacks his older brothers charm of manner although his principles are held out to be much better than those [...]

  16. I wasn t expecting this, but in retrospect, Stevenson did write Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde , that should have been some indication Stevenson excels at character examination, and this novel is just that I was thinking that with the right cast, it would make a fantastic movie I know about the 1953 movie, but I mean now a modern version Kind of a combination of American Psycho and The Revenant So, what happens when there s a psychopath in the family

  17. Robert Louis Stevenson is in a constant shoving match with Anthony Trollope to be my favorite Victorian If it comes down to it, its pretty clear which man would win.Hint Its not the one who writes sensitive drawing room think pieces.The Master of Ballantrae has all the trappings of an adventure story, but what the reader ends up with is a novel about the allure of evil and how, by inches, we re drawn to it even as we re on guard against it The story is the narrative of Ephraim Mackellar, steward [...]

  18. After a couple of dud books that I had been looking forward to, I was really relieved when I picked this one up and was hooked almost from the first page Maybe it helped that I skipped the long introduction and got right into the story.This is a retelling of the Biblical story of Jacob and Esau set during the 1745 Jacobite Revolution Two Scottish brothers, James and Henry Durie, reprise the roles of those scriptural brothers and the conflict could not be exciting After a coin toss, James heads [...]

  19. These notes were made in 1983 I read a 1925 edition There s a certain amount of good, clean picaresque fun in this book But it is overshadowed by a gloomy attempt at psychological characterization of a man embittered by the monstrous behaviour of a quasi Gothic brother said brother does a brief but rather effective resurrection act at the very melodramatic close of the book A struggle here, once again, I think, between the symbolic and typic tendencies of melodrama romance, and the realist impul [...]

  20. Me han recordado a Ballantrae y he cogido el ejemplar que compr y pens que hab a le do no hace mucho Pues eso fue hace 17 a os Bastan unas p ginas para reencontrarse con una manera de narrar ya perdida Si fuera m sica, habr a que citar Don Giovanni lo que se cuenta es horrible y el personaje m s simp tico es egoc ntrico, clasista y va de una truculencia a otra, pero el tono de Mozart y Stevenson es amable La escritura nunca abandona lo placentero Ballantrae contada por McCarthy y filmada por Tar [...]

  21. I read this as a teenager because the movie version with Errol Flynn really rocked But the book is much darker and psychological Jamie Durie and his brother Henry have a tortured relationship that s truly haunting It s less TREASURE ISLAND and DR JEKYLL AND MR HYDE

  22. Not that alone but the deeply Mr Henry floundered in his brother s toils, the clownish he grew and the the Master enjoyed his spiteful entertainment, the engagingly, the smilingly, he went Henry Durie is dour, honest and straight, he also lives deep within the shadows of his charming older brother, Master James Durie When James leaves for adventure by joining the Scottish rebellion, Henry inherits the ancestral mansion and lands along with the title of Lord Durrisdeer, as well as Miss Aliso [...]

  23. Stevenson tells a great story, but there is to this than just a ripping yarns, there are crumbling baronial mansions, cold rain teeming down on highland heather, the Jacobite Rebellion, sword fights, pirates, buried treasure, etc etc almost to the point of clich well, OK, past the point of clich but done so well that I don t mind But strangely it s really about something much darker and deeper the allure of evil I found this especially powerful and personal because I am unfortunate enough to ha [...]

  24. This is a curious book, in that given its age, the bones of it would be seen now as a psychological thriller But caught in its own time, it s a good narrative, well written, with a curious way of unfolding the plot.Just as Wuthering Heights is told via the testimony of a servant, so is this tale, unfurled via various first hand accounts, written down, and assembled into a whole This brings a touch of disbelief, as it s necessary for the servant in question to travel to the New World in his maste [...]

  25. This was a great storyo bad it wasn t such a great read I can tell Stevenson was writing his heart out, but the easy readability that made Treasure Island, Kidnapped, and Dr J Mr H so much fun albeit slightly juvenile is totally absent here in lieu of a ponderous writing style something akin to one of Poe s slow paced stories which might not be so bad for some, but I certainly would have never been able to make it through Ballantrae as a kid the adventure elements are simply too much smothered [...]

  26. I first read The Master of Ballantrae in 2012, as a required reading in university It was a fantastic course overall, and I am really happy I chose it because I would probably never have read this novel otherwise I had read and loved Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, but I had never heard about The Master of Ballantrae and indeed it is not a well known book of Stevenson But, personally, I liked it even than his most famous work I loved everything about it the masterful use of the unreliable narrator, the [...]

  27. I really enjoyed reading a good yarn, for a change The story of the rivalry between two brothers set in late eighteenth century Scotland was an enjoyable, if somewhat bleak read It reminded me of how much I loved Treasure Island, Kidnapped and A Child s Garden of Verses as a child and how I savoured The Black Arrow, which was a radio serial which I loved I recommend it as a Stevenson which is often overlooked I am anticipating an interesting contrast with Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde which, I imagine, [...]

  28. Fantastic adventure story about two rival brothers whose fates are set by the toss of a coin The two sides of Scottish character romantic and violent, calculating and frugal are excellently depicted through the first person accounts of a family servant Stevenson creates characters with so many layers that one s opinions of heroes and villains fluctuates through out and his ability to subtly imply menace is a rare talent.

  29. Que tu hermano sea el fantasma malvado del que debes huir debe ser terrible Pero tener que verle salir de la tumba es mortal Si no, que se lo pregunten a Henry Durrie.Como siempre ocurre con Stevenson, una prosa magistral nos arrastra por medio mundo, con unos personajes dolorosamente humanos que se encuentran sujetos a sus pasiones y a sus convenciones sociales, mostr ndonos el bello rostro de la maldad Estupendo Breve Doloroso.

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